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Facts and Figures of Uyghur Region


Capital: Urumchi
Area: 1,600,000 square kilometers
Nationalities: Uyghur, Han, Kazak , Hui, Mongolian, Xibe, Kergez, Uzbek, Tajik, Russian, Manchu, Daur , and Tartar
Altitude: 8,611 meters at the Qogir Peak(K2);
lowest point 155 meters below sea level at the bottom of the Turpan Depression, the second lowest point in the World
Climatic features: temperate, continental climate; warmer in the south; extreme temperature changes; little recipitation.
Average temperature: in January, minus 20 - minus 15 centigrade degree in the north and minus 10 - minus 5 degree in the south; in July, 22 - 26 degree. Click here for latest weather forcast.
Annual average rainfall: 150 mm; higher precipitation in the north;only 10 mm around Qarqan and Qarkilik
Physical features: three major mountain ranges separate the lowlands into various-sized basins and valley lands; conspicuous differences in land elevation
Mountains: Tangri Tagh Range in the central area; Altay Range in the north; Qaraqorum, , and Altun Mountains in the south
Deserts: Taklimakan Desert in the Tarim Basin; Kurbantunggut Desert in the Junggar Basin; Gumtay Desert in the east
Basins: Junggar Basin between the Tangri Tagh and Altay Ranges;Tarim Basin between the Tianshan and Qaraqorum Ranges, over 500,000 square kilometers in area; Turpan Depression between the Bogda and Qoltag Mountains; east of the Turpan is the kumul Basin.
Rivers: the 2,137-kilometer Tarim River, second longest inland river in the world ; lli and Ertix Rivers
Lakes: Lop Nur, a famous salt lake; Bosten Lake, the largest fresh water lake of the region; Aydingkol Lake in the Turpan Depression, with the second lowest altitude in the Wolrd
Products: petroleom, natural gas, wheat, rice, corn, sorghum, millet, potatoes,rape, sesame, sugar beet, peanuts; peaches, grapes; cotton, silk cocoons; iron, coal, , gold, copper, salt, jade, sulfur
Specialties: Turpan grapes, Qumul melons
Major cities: Urumchi , Kashgar , Ili , Qumul , Qaramay, Aksu,

Uyghur alphabet

The Uyghur alphabet is any of the following systems for writing the Uyghur language:



Uyghur Language


Uyghur Language ... : Family Album :: Contact: Webmaster @ tughluk@msn.com. Site Designer @ Clara86@mail.com. Sign Guestbook View Guestbook. You are Visitor #.

Uyghur Language ... Articles In Uyghur. ¬ Qonglarni Hörmetlex. ¬ Insan Hokhukhliri... ... The Uyghur language is a Turkish (or Turkic) dialect spoken by over 10 million Uyghur people in Central Asia ...

An Uyghur to English Dictionary for the WWW ... Uyghur is an ancient Turkic language of one of the remotest parts of Central Asia. ...

Why are Uyghur language broadcast important ... talk today, while dealing with the subject of Uyghur language broadcasts, is still applicable to the people of Eastern ...

Uyghur Language And Culture Under Threat In Xinjiang CENTRAL ASIA - CAUCASUS ANALYST Wednesday/August 14, 2002 UYGHUR LANGUAGE AND CULTURE UNDER THREAT IN XINJIANG Michael Dillon Recent reports suggest that large numbers of books and journals in the Uyghur language have been burned by the Chinese

Uyghur Language To see a list of available fonts which support this language, go to our Online Shop and select ...

A General Look at the History of the Uyghur Turkish ... today?s spoken Turkish dialects were derived from the Uyghur language. Both the Turkish and foreign Turkologists took ...

Uyghur Radio Broadcast By America: Radio Free Asia (RFA) Uyghur Service began broadcasting to Uyghur Region and Surrounding Areas in the Uyghur language on Monday, December 14, 1998.

Uyghur Muqams and Uyghur History (Intro. and Chapter 1 and 2) ... In south Xinjiang, the dominant population and language is Uyghur, with several local dialects that are rapidly ...

Altaic Languages The world's most comprehensive and authoritative language portal with every resource needed for language study, translation, brand-naming in more than 250 languages. ... Uyghur-English Dictionary (PDF files). Extensive Uyghur Word Lists. Uyghur Language Books and Other Resources ...

Uyghur language is ranked 98th from top out of 6,060 languages spoken around. Uyghur language is the first language for more than 7.5 millions of people mostly from China.

The Uyghur language are gradually being replaced by ... Uyghur kids are not taught Uyghur history and traditions.

Uyghur Books from China (some still for sale) ... sold my extra copies of many of the following Uyghur language books. I have indicated which ones are still available. ...

Ethnologue report for language code: UIG Ethnologue and bibliography information on UYGHUR.

You can buy all kinds of classic, modern Uyghur. Music, songs, instrumental, ...

Uygur Script1 ... is not suitable for computerized language, which makes the production of Uyghur language software extremely difficult. ...

Bibliography of Reinhard F. Hahn 1-tom: A-P [Modern Uyghur "Explanatory dictionary of the (Modern) Uyghur language: vol. 1: A-P"]. ...

UCLA Language Materials Project Search a database of resource material for learning, speaking, reading and translating unusual and exotic languages.

TURKCESTAN, Orientaal's links to Turkic languages ... Uygurça / Uygurca, Uygur Türkçesi / the Uyghur language / la langue ouigoure / die uigurische Sprache / de Oeigoerse ...

Chinese Books for Sale High quality and hard-to-find academic books about Chinese minorities for sale. ... seem to be Chinese translations of the Uyghur language series Shinjañ tarikh materiyalliri published at roughly the ...

The Uyghur language is classified along with Uzbek as belonging to ... New Testament translated into the modern Uyghur language. The Jesus Film has just become available in Uyghur. ...

Dogu Türkistan Kültür ve Dayanisma Dernegi ... Geziti (Uyghur). Dunya Insan Hekliri Hitabnamisi. Uyghur English Dictionary. Uyghur Language. Eastern Turkestan FAQ ...

East Asia Department - Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - PK The modified Arab alphabet as used today for the Uyghur language in the Peoples’ Republic of China is romanized as shown in the following table:

Thoughts on Recent events ... acts as removing the Uyghur language from the Uyghur classrooms, burning Uyghur books about the Uyghur culture and ...

Discoveries on the T u rkic L i nguist ic Map [PDF/Adobe Acrobat] ... language stages that had been unknown before. The comprehensive. Old Uyghur materials found by the explorers provided a

Jennifer's Page of Links: Language Resources - Asia and Australia ... Urdu Language Resources on the Web. English-Hindi-Urdu-Pashtu-Pashto-Pukhtu Comparative Word List. Uyghur. The Uyghur ...

Global Chinese Affairs - Executive Director Justin Rudelson ... with four months of intensive study of the Uyghur language at the Central Institute for Nationalities in Beijing and ...

UCLA Language Materials Project - Kazhak Profile Presents a linguistic profile of the Kazhak language that includes demographic data, a map, and references. ... language newspaper titles and thirty-one periodicals. Other languages represented in the media are Russian, Uyghur, ...

Uyghursoft CorporationLeading the way in Uyghur software If you are interested Uyghur(Uyghur) language software, Please visit our web site

Ablimet Baqi near the Tomb in Kashgar, China ... Note that the word "damollah" means "teacher" in the Uyghur language. I was absolutely certain that this was the same ...

Uyghur Language Online Course - Memet Tursun Zunun ...

InjilUyghurlargha Hux Hewer Good News in Uyghur Arabic script. One of the few Uyghur only sites on the web.

IAAS of MSU. Departments. ... The Orchon-Genisei and Oed Uyghur language monuments. Typology of Russian and Turkish ...

East Asian Studies @ Durham University ... include Studying Uyghur: A Guide to Resources for the Study of the Uyghur language of Xinjiang-Eastern Turkestan ...

Seventeenth International Unicode Conference - Conference Program ... Web Publishing in the Uyghur Language. Joshua Edelstein, Webmaster, Radio Free Asia, USA ...

Language Translation Service and Web Site Localization - Translate Me Group World Languages language translation service, web site localization - Translate Me Group based in New Zealand - we translate Europrean and Asian languages ... UYGHUR. HAITIAN CREOLE FRENCH. NAPOLETANO-CALABRESE. KHMER. AKAN. HILIGAYNON. KURMANJI. SHONA. Countries Where Language ...

Learn how to say the most important three sayings in both Chinese and Uyghur! ...

New national center for Central Asian languages to open at IU ... language and cultural curricular materials for five languages: Pashto (Afghanistan), Tajik (Tajikistan), Turkmen (Turkmenistan), Uyghur ...

Language Resource Center ... The Language Resource Center @ Columbia University ... Sanskrit, Serbo-Croatian, Sotho, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tatar, Tibetan, Turkish, Ukrainian, Uyghur, Uzbek, & Yiddish ...

HEAS Conference Schedule Christopher Flemming, "The Influence of Uyghur Language Policies on Separatist Sentiment" (University of Hawaii) ...

Central Asian Uyghur Information & Project Center Central Asia, researchers training, language training and consultation, implementation of ...


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